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Well, not quite magic. More like a website builder that drives visitors and creates results using a design intelligence. That's magic right?

A Website Builder That Does More Than Just Build Your Website.

Get New Visitors

We know, that you know, it's about getting people to your website. Otherwise what's the point?

With Smart SEO new customers are drawn to your website with our design intelligence finding the best keywords and metatags to get you the most traffic.

With Smart ADS all of your Facebook and Google advertising is managed intelligently all in one place.


Get More Sales

More traffic equals more sales, who knew?

With Smart PAGES your website pages will change and adapt to show the content your customers are looking for.

With Smart PRODUCTS your online store will be optimized automatically to show and sell your most popular and profitable products first.

Track The Results

Powerful analytics that are easy to understand without a data science degree.

Analyze the results with Smart ANALYTICS. No confusing graphs, pie charts, or statistical analysis needed. Just simple and powerful insight into who is visiting and who is buying.

Building A Website Is Great, But Getting People To Your Website Is Greater.


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